11 Best Portrait Photographers in Nashville
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
By Judith Hill Photography
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Oh my goodness, I'm lucky #7 on the Peerspace's top 11 Portrait Photographers in Nashville. Woo hoo!! I was so grateful when I saw this list as there are some very talented photographers included and some with very different styles from me. Not all portraiture is the same. It can be a very diverse genre and it's cool to see all the visual creatives in town with different philosophies. 

Here's what they said about my work and brand:

"Judith Hill’s philosophy of portraiture is that it should be a transformative experience. She describes her goal as wanting to coax people into presenting their truest and most beautiful selves, then present that image back to them, altering their own self-image for the better. That’s a beautiful sentiment. To this end, much of her portrait work is straightforward in concept. She’s not shooting for highly conceptual work or edgy undertones. In addition, she simply — though it’s not a simple task — wants to present people as attractively and authentically as she can, allowing their inner best selves to shine through."

Yes!! You so get me, Peerspace! :)

My photography philosophy is that the beauty in me, honors and recognizes the beauty within you. I have the ability to bring it out, capture it and show it back to you.

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