50 and Fabulous Photoshoot
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Thursday, July 12, 2018
By Judith Hill Photography
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There are many reason to have a photoshoot. One of those are reaching a milestone in life like turning 50. I am not 50 but I've always had close friends quite a bit older than me. One of the reasons is because I've always strived to be wise beyond my years, and I want to learn from them. When your 50+, you have lived life and your journey has had many twists and turns and I love that. There's no bullshit with women that are 50, 60+ years old. They know who they are, what they want in life, they have grown into their own, they are successful, and they tend to be tuned into their intuition and don't take crap from anyone. I call that Fabulous and Free. I also call them Wise Women. We all get better with age, and beauty is not something that is on the outside. Beauty comes from within you. 

Eli turned 50 in May and wanted to do something for herself that celebrated who she truly is and celebrate the multi-faceted woman that she is. She said she had always wanted to be on the Red Carpet and this photoshoot was the closest thing she would get to that. So we treated her like a celebrity for the day.

As women, we are always so hard on ourselves so I like to try and turn that conversation around by changing the perspective with photographs and sometimes questions. I asked Eli what feature she liked most about herself....I for sure thought she would say her eyes because they dance and sparkle, but she said her nose. She does have a beautiful nose. And I love that she said that because my nose is one of my least favorite things about me...my nose is big and has been broken at least 3 times so I have a big hump too. I say big, my friends and family that love me would not say the same thing necessarily. Funny how we all have our things that we dislike about ourselves, and usually we are the only ones that think that. The people that love us, just love us, and they see our true beauty which is inside of us. 

Let's change the conversation, and stop being hard on ourselves. Let's celebrate life that's what photoshoots are all about. They stop time. They capture legacies. They help you see yourself a little differently.

So what do you love most about yourself? Please comment below. 

With Love,



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