All the Possibilities with Fiona
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
By Judith Hill Photography
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Did you know that you can combine all kinds of things in one session? I wanted to share Fiona's session with you not only because she is gorgeous but to show you in one session, you can update your headshot, celebrate and capture beautiful pictures of You and get family photos at the end. So it's all about the woman first. She gets pampered with hair and makeup; we photograph just her in a few different looks and then the kiddos can come in at the end to get family pictures. 

Like a lot modern women, Fiona is successful in business, she is a mom to Evy Rose, she is a sister and she is full of feminine power. Fiona is also a close friend of mine. She is someone I admire greatly for her strength; her dedication to family, friends and self growth as well as her ability to rise to any occasion and come out stronger.

This woman knows she is destined for great things and likely already doing them. She’s a lover and a fighter. She is a woman who wants to see her true self. She wants to exist in beautiful photographs and have imagery to properly represent her legacy for the rest of time. She wants to see her confidence and feel beautiful. And knows that does not have to mean a full makeover transformation and elaborate wardrobe.

That's Fiona.

Two of the looks here are dresses I keep in my studio in case a woman wants to glam it up a little more. But this is about you, your style, your life and your journey.

When Fiona left the session, she sent me a text that said "It's so clear that you have found your calling. Thanks, again, for such a great day."

That text made my heart sing! Because I know she gave herself some self-love, captured great images that represent her and Evy.

I just love that I got to be a part of it. 


With love, 



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