Creating Freedom in Your Daily Life
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Monday, June 18, 2018
By Judith Hill Photography
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This image is about freedom. Something that I seek; something most of us seek. What I have learned is that freedom only comes when we have freedom within our mind and detach from outcomes. It comes when we stop resisting what is and find acceptance. It comes when we stop the chatter, cultivate faith, let go of fear, and trust ourselves. 


Somehow, I suspect, with freedom comes abundance.


Last Fall I was in Peru, and hiked 16,000 feet above sea level to the top of Rainbow Mountain. I did not train for this. Therefore, I didn’t fully understand how physically strenuous it would be. I did have faith in myself that I could do it; that I must do it because these sacred mountains are breathtaking.


And, to be honest, I almost didn’t make it.


There I was, almost to the top, and it was crowded with so many people shoving others around trying to get their epic picture. I was unsure of my footing but kept thinking just one foot in front of the other.


However, when you are almost to the tip-top of a mountain that is so high it seems that I could touch the sun, and you feel unsteady in your balance; you will shut down in fear.


I did. So, I voiced it.


I turned to my friend, Murn, and said, “I cannot do it. I can’t get to the top.” She sternly said, “Yes, you can. Watch me and I will help you.”


Then the fear dissipated. But just one moment earlier, the fear felt so real that it almost shut me down completely before reaching my goal and then experiencing the most magnificent feeling of peace, of  accomplishment, of ascension, and ultimately, freedom.


We all sat there on the mountain’s peak in silence; feeling the sun so close to our skin while in awe of the vast surroundings. So after taking the time to soak it all in, we got up and danced down the mountain while we laughed and cried. Seriously, dancing down the mountain is the Peruvian way. :)


I can’t explain how powerful this hike was. These mountains are sacred and worshiped by the locals. This particularly mountain has only been made available to the public for 2-3 years. We did 2 rituals on the way up to the top. It was physically and energetically intense. All in very positive ways.


I always look for the lesson/ message because I'm on a journey. So when I look back, I can see clearly how much our thinking and our fears can paralyze us just before we reach our goals and desires. 


You can climb to top of any mountain literally and figurative by trusting yourself, trusting the help of those around you and putting one foot in front of the other even when you don't know the final outcome. Uncertainty is hard. I know because I often feel certain and uncertain at the same time. But I also know that there is wisdom there. When we are willing to step into the unknown, we step into the field of possibilities and we free ourselves from our own past conditioning, control and judgement. 


So set your intentions/ goals/ desires, and then walk towards it (take action), trust, let go of fear, embrace uncertainty, detach from the outcome and watch your path unfold in perfect order. I call that magic.


And once you can get there, you get dance all the way home to freedom.


Do you have tips and tricks on how you create freedom or peace of mind in your life? Please share in the comments section below.


With Love,


*The background of this image is a view from the top of Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

*Theme song for this post: Free Your Mind by EnVouge. Ha-ha, I mean the chorus is ”free your mind and the rest will follow”.

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Judith Hill - Kelly! I just figured out how to respond to blog posts. Ha! Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to comment. We accomplished a lot together that trip and I am so grateful to you and Lauren for the love and light you spread and shine out in the world. I'm grateful to know you and to be a part the community you all continue to build.

I hope all is well with you.

Much Love,
Kelly carter - This Photos is stunning, and I got chills reading your blog. It took me right back to the rainbow mountains where I experienced so much of the same internal dialogue. I can’t do it, and fear that I wouldn’t make it, and then I did feel so free sitting on the top of the mountain with the group knowing we had accomplished it all together!! Love you Judith thank you for Sharing