Different portrait types & when to use them
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
By Judith Hill Photography
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Different portrait types & when to use them

I’m an artist that uses my camera to create. I love connecting with people, so portraiture and art are my thing. And because I’m fully immersed in this world; I forget that other people may not know all the different genres types that fall under the word - Portrait. 

Most people think of family photos, weddings, or headshots but there is so much more in the world of photography today.  My studio really focuses in on a few areas that are centered around lifting people up. I’m really in the business of celebrating people and building confidence.

With that said, portrait photography can take so many different forms. Here are 4 different portrait types and opportunities on when to use each type.

Contemporary beauty portrait

Contemporary beauty shots are glamorous, artistic portraits with a dramatic flair. They can also be playful, vulnerable, sexy, alluring and fun. Kind of like fashion photography or celebrity photoshoot spreads in magazines. Contemporary beauty portraits offer the same experience to regular people. And I love providing this experience. It has a transformative aspect to it as we get to celebrate all the different facets of who you are as a woman. 

This is for the modern woman. She expresses herself for her. She heals through expression and connection. She celebrates all side of her badassness and femininity, unapologetically. She wants to see her True-self. She wants to see her confidence. She wants to exist in gorgeous photographs and own images that properly represent her legacy for the rest of time.

With up to 5 outfits, you can express all sides of who you are. I love beauty shoots because they give people permission to tell their stories and to feel seen. 

One of my greatest talents is putting people at ease so that they feel beautiful and confident in front of the camera. When I’m behind the camera, there’s this almost spiritual moment when someone comes into their own, acknowledging the unique inner light that makes them beautiful. And wow, does this confidence shine through making for an amazing photograph. 

I believe a portrait should reflect back your true beauty, and that is the greatest gift I can give a person. Contemporary beauty portraits give me the opportunity to have a ripple effect on a woman’s life by showing her the beauty and confidence she exudes, but doesn’t necessarily see herself! 

Personal branding portrait

I like to think of personal branding portraits as a strategic way to communicate the essence of your brand within the marketplace.  These images are contemporary and professional, but leave a little room for personality. I find that personal branding shots are great for professionals looking to establish their personal brand within the business community. This is great for any executive that may also serve on nonprofit boards, speaks, serves on panels, has written a book, or is interviewed for various publications. This is also great for bloggers, influencers, and business owners. 

Why are personal branding portraits important? Your first impression will likely happen online. And first impressions stick.  Did you know that the average person will make a judgment within 2 seconds of looking at your photograph? There’s even research that shows our first impressions of people in photographs influence our perception of those people even after we've interacted with them in person. Whoa. 

A good personal branding portrait will capture your personal brand and communicate the correct information to your audience as they make those snap judgments on your income, intelligence, attractiveness, and business acumen.

In my personal branding sessions, you get up to 5 outfits. It’s a great type of portrait session to combine with the beauty session (above), and most people go this route. 


Fine art/fantasy photography

I view all of my work as artwork. Fine art photography (aka fantasy photography) is a type of composite photography in which multiple images are woven together to tell a story in one photograph that looks and feels like a painting. I started this as a form a self-discovery and expression; to create these visions I had in my head as a way to talk about larger life themes. The work is often rooted in symbolism, and it is always an escape into another world.  

My artwork is often in the form of self-portraits. I have commissioned artwork for clients as well. Whether it is a self-portrait or for a client, I really get to dive into unique and authentic stories, drawing new insights and gaining more appreciation for the human experience. Life is full of adversity and triumphs and fine art gives me the opportunity to relate to others on a much deeper level;  I have the privilege of hearing impactful stories and using my self-awareness to dig deep into my own stories. I then get to use my creativity to illustrate the richness of these stories, allowing people to be the main character in their own story, in their own piece of art.


Professional headshot

Professional headshots are portraits taken for company directories and websites. Think yearbook photo day at your office. Professional headshots involve a little less creativity than personal branding portraits, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important! 

Professional headshots are a great way for businesses to show off the people that make their organization. This can be especially valuable for businesses looking to build trust with customers or to strengthen their hiring efforts.  In fact, the second most visited page on your website after the home page is the “About Us” section which usually includes “Meet the Team.” What does this show us? People connect with people--professional headshots give others a chance to connect with your organization on a more personal level. These sessions are available on a limited basis and for companies wanting to do several headshots at once. 

I love my world of photography and hope that this helps you better understand what I do! 

If you’re interested in booking a photoshoot or learning more about your photoshoot options, don’t hesitate to reach out using the link below. :)


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