Seeing Your Beauty
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Monday, November 05, 2018
By Judith Hill Photography
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At my core my passion is transformation and empowerment. It is the ability to see others beauty and strength then bring it out and capture it.

Through a single photoshoot a woman can be introduced and sometimes reconnected to something she did not know existed within her. Bringing that forward and capturing it on paper is the greatest gift I can give a person. 

My mission in life is clear - to lift others up through photography. Photography is the medium; the purpose goes deeper than snapping a photograph.

In life I feel that our purpose is to be of service of others through our gifts, and mine is through photography. 

This way of seeing people, their best version is innate for me. And knowing my craft, allows me to show others what I see.

So why is this so important? Because most of the time we do not see our own beauty and strength.  I have women contact me all the time saying they want to feel beautiful again. Feeling that is so important to our core and our own self image. 

As women we are extremely hard on ourselves. And that negative self-talk leaks out everywhere in our lives. We have to keep that in check. I believe words are so powerful that they create the very existence that we live in. Our minds and bodies respond to our words and thoughts. Our minds do not know the difference between reflecting upon a memory form the past, what is happening now, or dreaming of what we want the future to be. And our bodies will specifically respond to how we speak about it, what we internalize and the things we put into it. 

Science now shows that words affect our bodies on a cellular level. That's right, the words and thoughts we use can change our cells. So if that is true, how does negative-self talk affect our cells? Have you ever considered that? What are we manifesting inside our bodies over time?

We could all benefit from committing to saying and visualizing positive affirmations. Here are a few affirmations that I use: I have perfect health. I am at my ideal body weight. My life is abundant in all areas. I expand in success, abundance and love everyday and inspire those around me to do the same. Every single day I actively contribute and participate in the success of my business. My subconscious mind gave me this desire and through my subconscious mind the desire will come true and be successful. I will have a joyful day filled with love and ease.

When our subconscious mind is filled with peace and faith, the rest falls right into place. 

I say all of this because most of us shy away from the camera because of our own self-image. Photography is evidence we exist in this world. It's important to show up in our lives and stop hiding. So let's get to work on our minds and then capture all that beauty in photographs. Sometimes it's important to have a tangible representation of your beauty and badassness. That's where I can be of service. :) 

Brenè Brown says courage is showing up and allowing ourselves to be seen. I agree. Below are a few courageous women that I've photographed. 


Please comment if you struggle with any of these things or if you have any great affirmations to share. Let's lift each other up!


With Love,




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