What is a Contemporary Portrait?
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Monday, July 09, 2018
By Judith Hill Photography
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What is a contemporary shoot or professional makeover? For me, this all about empowering women. Creating an experience through professional hair and make up, multiple outfit changes at the shoot; then guiding you through a series of poses in each outfit and capturing images of you that represent all the facets of who you are as woman. And ultimately, you get to feel like a celebrity for a day. That is the experience of a photoshoot and makeover.

It's a wonderful experience to do for yourself or to share with girlfriends, mom, daughter, partner or whomever you love. Heck, before I got my studio I was shooting out of my house, so one time my cat made it into a portrait because the girl loved cats. That was hilarious and she ended up getting the image with my cat. So, yes, you can bring your pet(s) too. 

Ultimately, we are celebrating and capturing life through portraits.

One of the coolest things I discovered recently is that when women are viewing their images they often point at certain pictures and say things like "that girl looks fun", and "oh I know that face", or "I see that this is me but I have no idea who that badass woman is but I want to know her." And I respond, "Well, how cool is that...through your portraits you get to become reacquainted with someone you might have lost sight of and then get to meet a part of you that you weren't fully aware existed." 

Photography is not only evidence that we exist in this world, it shows us who we are and the potential that is within us. Whoa! :)

Check out this video to see behind the scenes footage and learn more about what the experience is all about.

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