Without a Wardrobe Plan
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
By Judith Hill Photography
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When hair and makeup is the purpose of a creative shoot and wardrobe is not fully discussed, then you end up working with less, shall we say...

It is kind of hysterical not to have discussed it because wardrobe is the number 1 consideration and the question I get asked the most. 

But as fate would have it, I had the great honor to meet the clothing designer, Emily James, a few days before this shoot. We were talking and I realized I didn't have a wardrobe plan for my upcoming creative. She loaned me some of her designs to use so we had this amazing gift to work with plus whatever I had at the studio. 

The lesson - as long as you have a couple of designer pieces, a corset, some fabric and black t-shirt anything is possible! 

I have 3 creative goals this year to expand my portfolio as a photographer and artist: 1.) Shoot more fine art composite portraits and 2.) Shoot more collaborative creative shoots with models,  and 3.) Learn new lighting techniques to implement.

Chrissy, my hair and makeup artist, and I  sat down earlier this year to plan shoots with the sole purpose of trying new things, expanding our portfolio and creative knowledge. With the first one, we wanted big red hair and freckles with natural yet bold enough makeup. Elise agreed to be our girl, and she was perfect! Since we were solely focused on hair and makeup, we didn't fully talk through a wardrobe concept, and that's how you end up on the barely there side of things. I'm okay with that. Number 1, I don't shoot this style often enough.  Every woman's body is so beautiful. Plus, a shoot like this, is one of the most empowering things a woman can experience. Heck, it was empowering for me to shoot it. 

Check out the images below. 

As for my goals, it's basically half way through the year and I'm doing okay with creative goals. Lately, at least once a week, I wake up thinking I have to shoot more creative or I have to do a creative edit. Unfortunately, this portion of my business sometimes gets pushed down on the list so I'm about to make it a priority each week. My intuition is telling me as much. We need to always pay attention to those little nudges and follow them. Life has showed me that over and over again. 

Here's to embracing yourself and seizing the moment like we did this day. I mean Elise's tattoo says "Be here now". That is a great mantra because all your power is in the present moment. Try to stay there.

Be sure to check out Emily James Designs here

All of this is shot on natural light through a window in my studio.

With Love,


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