Hi, I’m Judith, a portrait photographer based in Nashville. One of the things I love most about what I do is watching people transform in front of me. I love that I can create an experience where my clients feel confident and beautiful. I love that my clients feel that they can trust me. All of this allows me to take the most beautiful image you’ve ever seen of yourself.

My desire is to provide an experience through a portrait session that allows people to feel accepted, loved, and gorgeous; while also creating beautiful portraits that represent the feelings and the memory of that day.

Providing that is the greatest gift I can give a person, and the very reason I am dedicating my life's work to this craft. 

A lot of people come to me not loving being in front of the camera because they may feel uncomfortable. It is my job and desire to help them overcome that and leave the session feeling incredible about the experience. To me, that is transformative.

Transformation doesn’t have to be a big metamorphosis. It can just be an experience or a conversation that helps someone see things differently that in turn allows them to pivot towards what they truly desire. Photography is the medium is which I can provide transformation for people in their lives. 

I invite you to experience a session with me. Through our work, you just might change the way you see yourself.

With Love,


Judith Hill photography specializes in contemporary portraits for women, family, and personal branding for your career.

Judith's work has been featured on the Today Show, Billboard Magazine, Country Weekly, Flat Pick Magazine Cover and Conceptual Fine Art Magazine.